Become an affiliate

Raven Security Group affiliates must adhere to our standards of training and performance, which are designed to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

We take pride in our affiliate program and the quality of service and loyalty that comes from a strong partnership. Equally important, however, is the dedication, commitment and expertise our security personnel bring to their jobs on a daily basis.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of the Raven Security Group, please read and sign the Raven Security Group Affiliate Agreement. Once you have done so, please complete the Affiliate Application.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Application

    Affiliates are required to have the following insurance:

    General Liability: $1M
    Personal & Adv Injury: $1M
    General Aggregate: $1M
    Products-Comp/Op AGG: $2M
    Automobile Liability: Combined Single Limit $1M
    Workers Compensation: E.I. Each Accident $1M
    E.I. Disease-EA Employee $1M
    E.I. Disease-Policy Limit: $1M

    To be listed as a preferred vendor, the affiliate will also need to have:

    Umbrella Liability: $5M each occurrence
    $5M Aggregate
    Crime/Employee Dishonesty: $100k Per Claim to include 1st and 3rd Party Crime Money/Property in Transit.

    Raven Security Group, its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, and employees and any client of Raven Security Group are to be included as Additional Insured CD2010 and CG2037 on the General Liability and Auto Liability plans. A waiver of subrogation endorsement must be issued and apply in favor of the certificate holder, any client of the certificate holder and apply to all insurance plans listed on the certificate of insurance.

    Certificate holder is to be:

    Raven Group Inc
    d/b/a Raven Security Group
    2035 Sunset Lake Rd. Ste. B-2
    Newark, DE 19702