Our Leadership

As strong leadership is integral to the success of an organization, our executive management team is comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in government, military and private sectors. Raven Security is guided by a board of directors responsible for corporate governance and oversight of the company. We are dedicated to quality, compliance, training and exemplary execution of our services.

Raven Security Group Founder

Dr. James Ralph, Founder

As the Founder of Raven Security Group, Dr. Ralph developed the senior executive team and provides corporate direction, values, and culture while overseeing the company's resources, investments, and operations. Dr. Ralph works directly with appointed executives, department heads and managers to delegate responsibilities and ensure that all aspects of the company are running efficiently. He negotiates and approves contracts with vendors, federal and state agencies, and other relevant organizations while overseeing market research. Dr. Ralph is responsible for the development of business strategies and plans that align with both short and long-term corporate objectives.

Professional Background

Dr. Ralph entered the security industry in 2001. During this time, he worked as an officer providing security to a large corporation. In response to September 11, 2001 and Operation Enduring Freedom, Dr. Ralph enlisted in the United States Air Force where he graduated from the US Air Force Police Academy in 2002 and went on to serve as a Security Forces member. During this time, he underwent training in the force protection concepts, law enforcement, K9 operations and training, nuclear and conventional weapons system security, ground combat skills, resource protection, small arms marksmanship training in nine ground weapon systems, and leadership for participation in day-to-day and contingency operations worldwide in support of Aerospace Expeditionary Forces. Dr. Ralph received advanced training in various types of interdiction, close protection detail, special response team, special weapons and tactics, and high-risk operations through HSS International. In 2008, he went on to serve in the United States Army where he attended the Officer Candidate School and underwent training to direct and lead infantry units including the direct deployment of infantry weapons, vehicles, and equipment. Directed the location and construction of infantry fighting position while managing field communications operations, coordinating with armor, artillery, and air support units. He performed strategic and tactical planning to include battle plan development and leading of reconnaissance operations. After a decade of military service, Dr. Ralph was honorably discharged. In 2012, he was certified by Bodyguard Training International as an Executive Protection Specialist and has served as the Agent in Charge on countless protection details. With nearly two decades of experience in entrepreneurial business, Dr. Ralph has served as Founder & CEO for numerous enterprises. As a senior executive, Dr. Ralph has verifiable year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Dr. Ralph has extensive experience in developing highly successful business relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on customer commitments. Experienced in developing and implementing policies and objectives to ensure continuity of business operations while establishing responsibilities and guidelines for each department to increase productivity and maximized return on investments. Dr. Ralph has and continues to manage millions in annual revenue and resources both domestically and abroad.

Educational Background

Dr. Ralph attained an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems in 2006, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2008, and a Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security and Assurance in 2013. In 2023, he completed a Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology with an Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is a member of the Purdue University Alumni.

Volunteerism and Philanthropy

After the local Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012, Dr. Ralph saw a need for more local emergency responders thus attending the FEMA National Fire Academy and Colorado Fire Camp where he received training in wildland firefighting. He went on to receive training in El Paso County on structure and urban interface firefighting. In 2014, Dr. Ralph attended the University of Colorado Health Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Intravenous (IV), Intraosseous Infusion (IO), and Intramuscular (IM) courses and is a registered EMT by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and licensed by the State of Colorado. He actively volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT in El Paso County. Dr. Ralph is a member of the Colorado Medical Reserve Corps and Colorado Medical Emergency Response Team (COMERT). He serves as a member of the Special Tactics and Rescue team specializing in both Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Dr. Ralph continues to lead in volunteerism and philanthropic contributions with numerous non-profits.


Dr. Ralph was one of the Colorado Springs Mayor's Top 100 and a Presidential Elected Scholar in 2001. He was awarded the Civitan International Award, National Leadership Award and the Businessman of Year Award by the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council in 2005. In 2010, Dr. Ralph was honored to have his biography published in the Cambridge Registry of Professional Executives. In 2013, Dr. Ralph received recognition by the Office of the Secretary of Defense-Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) as a Patriotic Employer. Dr. Ralph was awarded the 2018 US Institute of Trade & Commerce American Excellence Award for excellence in client solutions. In 2021, due to his academic record, Dr. Ralph was recognized by the International Honors Society in Psychology and is a lifetime member. He is a member of both the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Dr. Ralph's dissertation titled Descriptions of Work-Life Balance, Recruitment, and Retention in Small Business Environments was published by ProQuest in 2023.