Raven Security was formed by a group of industry professionals and investors who sought to combine best-in-class service, training, and personnel within the complex risk management industry. By employing highly trained personnel who are experienced, licensed and certified in their prospective fields, Raven Security can ensure the highest standards of compliance, quality, and integrity. With a network of partners and resources, we deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions to mitigate risk. Promoting a culture of operational excellence, Raven Security and its affiliates have grown into a large and diverse provider of risk management services, offering complete security solutions to address our clients’ most complex and emerging needs regardless of location and environment.

Who We Are

Our Leadership

We believe that strong leadership is integral to organizational success. We are dedicated to building a company based on quality, compliance, rigorous training standards and seamless execution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Together with our employees, we strive to enhance the lives of people in the communities in which we work through employee volunteerism and philanthropic contributions.

Ethics, Certification & Policies

Raven Security committed to legal, moral and ethical behavior. Our clients will always be provided with the assurance that we will protect their reputation by being a responsible business partner. Raven Security abides by an exacting code of ethics and maintains an outstanding record in quality performance.